Ordering Information


There is no minimum order. We accept the following methods of payment:
  • Cheques: Please leave the amount payable blank and endorse the cheque -"Not to exceed £ ..". We will then fill in the correct amount and advise you of the total. All cheques should be made payable to Brentside Programmes. Please note we do not accept cheques for £5.00 and under due to the high bank charges, for amounts under £5 please send unused postage stamps or postal orders.
  • Postal Orders: Please only send blank postal orders as these can then be used for refunds.
  • Stamps: Unused stamps can be sent of individual value £1 and under.
  • Overseas clients (inc Eire): Payment may be made by any convenient method (including Eurocard) but note that if you use your own Currency(cheques or cash) you must add extra to cover the bank charges when these are converted.

Postage and Packing

First/Second Class Rates as follows:
  • 1 prog £1.20/94p
  • 2-3 progs £1.50/£1.15
  • 4-5 progs £1.75/£1.40
  • 6-7 progs £2.00/£1.65
  • 8-9 progs £2.30/£1.85
  • 10/11 progs £2.65/£2.25
  • 12/13 progs £3.00/£2.60
  • 14/15 progs £3.35/£2.95
  • 16/17 progs £4.05/£3.50
  • 18/19 progs £4.75/£4.00
  • 20/30 progs £6.20
  • Over 30 progs £14.40 Parcel Post
If you require items by recorded delivery please add 65p, Special Delivery add £3.75
Please allow 50% extra for programmes dated 1987 onwards.
European Clients. Please allow double the above rates.
Please note these postage rates are intended as a rough guide as it is impossible to give an exact price due to the varying size and weight of the programmes. ALL EXTRA POSTAGE WILL BE REFUNDED.
Protective envelopes. These can be used if you add 40p to your order.


All programmes are in good condition for their age unless they have any of the following faults listed against them:
  • cr - creased
  • ph - punched holes
  • sc - slight crease
  • cell - cellotaped
  • tm - token missing
  • tc - team changes
  • sof-nof-wof - score-number-writing on face
  • rs - rusty staples
  • gr - grubby
  • wob - writing on back
  • slmk – slight mark
  • mkd - marked.

Returns Policy

All programmes are covered by our 7-day money back guarantee. If you do not want programmes with writing inside you must state this clearly on the order form, Please take care when completing the order form as we can not refund or exchange programmes which have been ordered in error.

Telephone orders

We will only accept telephone orders between Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm. You can use your credit or debit card when making a telephone order. However you must state at the start of your telephone order that you are paying by credit or debit card. All telephone orders must be settled within seven days.